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100% Managed Hosting

Monthly Plans for Fully Managed WordPress Website Hosting
Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers
The Fastest VPS & Cloud Servers

Taylor’d Online offers fully managed VPS hosting solutions that provide the control of a dedicated server with the flexibility of cloud hosting.

If you are running a WordPress website and looking for a trusted hosting, security, and management partner, our hosting solutions are ideal for monitoring your servers, mitigating risks, and optimizing the performance of your site.

Your First Line of Defense
Premium Server
Firewall Protection
Our hardware firewalls are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your servers from malicious internet traffic. Hardware firewalls provide a unique, extra strong layer of protection from incoming attacks because they use their own operating system which acts independently of the server they are designed to protect.

Taylor’d Online is proud to offer the most well-known and managed firewall options available and have our team monitoring your website threat and performance status 24/7.

Application & DDoS Attack Protection

Premium Web
Application Protection
A buyer places their trust in your hands when they enter their private information into your website. Adequate website security is critical for your business to adequately protect your client’s personal data and other confidential information from becoming a hacking catastrophe.

Taylor’d Online offers security and storage packages specifically designed for premium web application protection. We help put your mind at ease because you know that your website is safe from malware and that your confidential data is secure.

Secure Hosting Solutions
SSAE 16 & HIPAA Compliance

Taylor’d Online offers compliant hosting solutions that ensure technical controls, backup management, safeguards, and physical security policies operate at the highest levels of industry standards.

SSAE 16 & HIPAA compliance are vital to the success of ecommerce businesses and any industry that must collect confidential information. Avoid serious legal consequences and damage to your brand’s reputation by protecting your clients from harmful data leaks. Contact us today for more information.

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