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Targeted Audience Paid Advertising & Search Optimization

Digital targeting strategies proven to generate traffic and
drive qualified leads.

When researching products or services, consumers repeatedly turn to search engines such as Google and Bing as their primary sources of information. Many factors play into achieving top rankings, but having your business rank locally is one of the top ways to achieve maximum exposure for your brand.

Taylor’d Online offers convenient monthly plans and comprehensive local search engine optimization (SEO) packages. Built to increase your brand’s visibility within your local market and to keep your brand relevant across all search engines, our plans and packages offer features such as location-targeted keywords and the use of up-to-date best practices for website optimization. Contact us for more information!

Keyword Research & Reporting

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Internal & External Link Building

Advanced Organic SEO tools and reporting

60-Point Search Inspection &
In-Depth Website Audits

Taylor’d Online invests in advanced SEO programs that are designed to provide a complete review of your local SEO presence, assist in optimizing your website’s structure, and track your company’s organic, paid, and social advertising performance metrics.

We offer a 60-point SEO inspection of your business website which includes data analytics and reporting. Additional features of the programs include: keyword research, rank tracking, SEO audits, mobile-readiness, loading speed optimization, landing page analysis, site mapping, page authority analysis, index monitoring and much more. Social media analytics, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google search engine for traffic analysis are available as well.

Monthly Website Optimization Reports

Page Speed & Performance Solutions

Premium Traffic Analysis Tools

Competitor Keyword Tracking & Reporting

Modern Digital Marketing Solutions

Omni-Channel Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to directly target potential leads. Discover ways to inform your audience about your products and services with carefully placed paid ads instead of waiting for them to find you organically.

Google Ads & MS Ads

Programmatic Bidding

Display Ads & Funnel Re-marketing

Social Media Advertising

SEO, Pay-Per-Click & Online Business Listings

Reach your target
audience easily
with our tested
performance plans.

Paid Advertising Management

Paid Advertising Management

Meet with our in-house Google Ads & Bing audience experts.

Data Analytics & Performance

Data Analytics & Performance

Website performance and Google Data Analytics.

Local & National SEO Campaigns

Local & National SEO Campaigns

We use current SEO best practices to yield maximum results from our efforts.

Listing & Distribution Management

Listing & Distribution Management

We ensure your brand is evenly distributed across all advertising channels.

Monthly Audits & Reporting

Monthly Audits & Reporting

Performance reports and SEO inspection results are reported to you monthly.

Monthly Plans & Pricing

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Monthly Plans & Pricing

Custom and semi-custom packages are available now.

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Advanced Audience & Sales Data Monitoring Tools

Data Analytics & Monthly Reporting

Whether we are running your national media campaign or simply managing your website on a day to day basis, our primary goals are to raise your online brand awareness, secure your online brand and drive qualified leads for your business.

Audience, KPI & Goal Reporting

Page Analysis & Content Improvement

Speed & Performance Analysis

Competitor Ranking, Tracking & Analysis

Monthly Sales, Forecasting and KPI tracking

Professional Listing Management Services
Keeping your information
current in all directories.

Whether we are running your national media campaign or simply managing your website on a day to day basis, our primary goals are to raise your online brand awareness, secure your online brand and drive qualified leads for your business.

On-Going Sync

Automated Duplicate Deletion

Listing Profile Optimization

Review Reporting & Sentiment Analysis


We Provide Real-Time Data Solutions & Reporting

SEO, Paid Advertising & Directory Listing

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