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inform, entertain, and/or market a product, idea, or service. The use of business blogs as marketing tools has exploded in popularity in recent years due to their ease of accessibility (creativity and WordPress are often the only requirements) and their liquidity through social media platforms. SEO blog marketing has rapidly become the quintessential approach to simultaneously advertise for a website, business, or service and keep content fresh and relevant to maintain high rankings for search engine crawlers.

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Business blog writing, when integrated with SEO practices, strategically implements highly sought out keywords (commonly referred to as short-heads and long-tails) and laces them together in unique combinations throughout the blog’s content. This is done so with the intent of creating the opportunity for additional online visibility by ranking higher on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages.) Be warned, however: search engine crawlers are sophisticated enough to recognize when a keyword is being spammed over and over in vain attempt to be ranked. Doing so will result in your site being dropped altogether. Alternatively, successful blog marketing requires a delicate balance between form and functionality – if the writing is too technical, readers won’t share it; if the writing is too lax, search engine crawlers won’t rank it.

Business blogging, much like any other SEO marketing tool, is only as effective as its implementation. Keyword density alone isn’t sufficient to link your website to your target demographic, or to convert viewers into customers. In order to properly sustain business growth, it is absolutely crucial to maintain consistently high rankings on search results pages. Regular blogging on your website helps achieve this by generating fresh content on a frequent basis, which results in a higher probability to rank on search engines – thus ensuring a stable bridge between you and your marketable clients.

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key point to consider is that your digital presence is only a valuable asset if people know you exist. When utilized effectively, blog writing is a powerful instrument to lend your business a unique identity that sets you apart from your competition. Business blogging helps give you a “voice” to enable personal connection and engagement with your clients, while quality written blogs can achieve viral marketing through social media sharing by your readers.